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Just finished Lee's Cherokee lift and locked it. Tony did
most of the work at the shop he works at. The Specs are below the pic.

1991 Jeep XJ
"Engine,Trans, TC case"
(4.0 liter HO)
(AW4 4 speed auto)
( 242 TC)
(4.5" BDS lift)
(JKS Adjustable LCAs)
(33"x10.50"x15" TSL Swampers)
(15"x 7" ZJ Aluminum Alloys)

(Hi Pinion Dana 30 front)
(Lockrite Locker)

(Dana 35 rear)
3.55 to 1

:drive: There goes our Video Camera Man :drive:

346 Posts
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You just need to lock the rear and we can head out again. Have you done 2hd this season?......
Yeah go to my website. Me and Tony both did it last month. The video is on this link. They did real good. Neither of us broke anything, until I came back and jumped at the dunes and broke a rear shock mount. Bad weld basically, no penetration. That was it though. Bet them trail were loaded down today. I'll PM you next run we make out that way. We have a club run next Saturday if you are interested. It is posted on the club forum. Cool area, not a challenge, but fun.
I don't think Lee will take this one on that 2HD. It needs some armor and maybe weld the 35 :rotfl: . Might as well I have a couple sitting around and about a half dozen shafts. He drives it to work though. I'm thinking he should stick to two and threes for now maybe a four if he has you spotting him:thumb: Mild 4 ! Me and Tony enjoyed your spotting ,Lumpdog does a good job too.

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