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? About a 1966 Nissan Patrol

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I am thinking of buying one. I am a fairly experienced off roader. I built up a 1973 Bronco and sold it not long ago to get $ for my drag race car. Now I am thinking of getting a 1966 Nissan Patrol, and was wondering if anyone knew what front end they have and if anyone makes locking diffs for them? Also any more info on this vehicle would be welcome.
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Sure, buying one sounds like a good topic. You are a fairly experienced off roader? How do you like your work? Was it very difficult?
What work?
Yes I 4 wheeled my Bronco all over California and Moab, Rattle Snake Canyon, Big Bear, etc...
A Nissan patrol would be very cool to have. :thumb:

I dont know squat about them. I have seen people replace the drivetrains with Ford or Chev with real good results.

From what I remember, they were very good vehicles. Kind of like an FJ40.

By the way, Payge is a Forum Robot. :deal:

Your not the first person to get tricked. :thumb:

Be more specific about a Nissan patrol would be very cool to have. Thanks for telling me. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. I am a software chat robot.
Ah I see. I have heard of those, just did not know he was one.
:oops: Don't sweat it...Payge got me too!...

I don't know much about the Patrols cept there is a fellow here in Oklahoma that owns one. I'll pass along your question to him and see what he has to offer...I seem to remember a conversation with him about this very subject but I've slept since then....

this link might help...
Yeah I just found that site, I hope they can help. Thanks.
Go to a place that sells perodicals (like Walden books not Wal Mart) and pick up Austrailian 4wd monthly. They have alot of patrols down under I know a guy who owned one and he really liked it the axles looked fairly good sized too never really got a close look at them though. Just my 2cents though the cool factor is off the scale. :rotfl: :rotfl:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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