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A few Toy ?s

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I'm thinking about looking into trading my silverado in on an 03 Tacoma. I found one that I really like, it has the 3.4(?) v6, 5spd, 4wd extended cab. I have a few questions though.

1. Do the new trucks hold up as well as the old ones?
2. How good is the 5spd tranny compared to the automatic?
3. Any thing else I should look out for?

Thanks for any input. I dont know if I'm gonna be doing it or not, I'll have to check into it a little more.
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The motor is better than my 3.0 and the interior is very roomy as for holding up talk to MRT(u)RD he has gernaded or replaced any and all of the weak links on a Taco, that dude really knows his toys. If you are gonna crawl go auto.... I seem to heat the piss out of my clutch every time we go wheeling. Just my 02.
HEAD ASS CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:
Thanks for the relpy, but I wasnt able to get a Toyota. It would have cost too much. I ended up getting an S10 instead.
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