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80's front end on 70's truck?

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Hey all. I was wondering if the front end off of a '86 Suburban will fit onto a '78 3/4 ton truck. I was hoping to update the look of my '78 a little with the dual headlight front end (fenders, hood, grill, etc.,). Will it simply bolt on or is there a lot of modification I will have to do?
Thanks for the info,
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It can be done but there will be some work that you have to do. The hood hinges are different on the newer style and you will have to cut some holes in the top of the cowl to make them work. I think you may need to drill a few holes to make the cowl cover work as well. A few people around here have done it and they were not master fabbers or anything. Basically it will bolt on exept for the hood hinges and that is doable. I even think the wiring colors are the same for the lights.

If you have a sawsall or something like it, I say go for it. :thumb:

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