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79' f-150 4x4?

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I have been looking at this 79 f150 4x4 w/ 400/ 4 spd. d44 and 9"
my question is are there anything i should look for as in places for rust stuff along those lines?

p.s. this guy asking $500 for it, but he says only good body parts are doors and hood is it a good deal?

thanx for any info,

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the axles are worth 500 alone. who cares ifit rusty. if it runs decent buy it and wheel the piss out of it
Well, at least you won't feel bad about cutting out the fenders with stock suspension to clear those 40 inch swamps!!!

That is a great year for Fords. How bad is the body?

Its most likely worth it anyway...

fenders are all ready cut when he bought it it had 38s no lift, then put 33s on it.
floorboard on driver's side is rusted out same as the bed(i was think flat bed)
it also needs u-joints bad and battery cables
If battery cables and u-joints are all it's lacking from being drivable, it's well worth $500. Especially if the 4wd works.
For $500, I'd buy it. Heck, where is it? :mrgreen:
it's in bellingham
you haven't bought anything I'd of had that cash spent long ago!!! :mrgreen:
i haven't got the money yet or it would have been spent
screw ford get a chevy and save your time and money get ur ass ajob and buy brandons truck its way worth it :finger: :deal: :beer: oh and u missed a party last night 3 kegs = me puke
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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