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'72 under construction

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Thought I would test the new image posting here. Here is our '72 GMC we've had for many a moon. It's going through it's second rebuild with us. We did a frame off media blast of frame and body this time and we are about ready to do the Painless wireing thing between races with our Land Cruiser. We sold the old race 383 that you see hints of in the picture and will be ordering a crate 383 as soon as we're ready with the rest of it. It's racing days are over and we want to do some mild trail riding with it now.


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BLT2KRL - Thanks. I noticed you are from Pocatello. Have you heard what the dates are for the Soda Springs Mud Races? Anybody out there know? I heard at the last Mountain Home race that they should be this month sometime.
Found the date: August 28th
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