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66 Mustang Restoration

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I have a 66 Mustang that is in serious need of restoration.

Wondering if anyone knows any inside lines on parts or people to talk to to speed up the deal. Hook-ups are great...

Nothing on the car doesn't need some type of repair or fixing so every area is game...

Please let me know if you know anything...
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Cool, I've been wanting to start redoing my mom's 65, but she hasnt had any money for parts and I've been busy with my own projects. I dont know any parts sources, but it would be nice to know who is the best to use.
All that I find I will post here then to let you know what's going on and what route I used. Hopefully I will find some good parts and deals for them. We also don't have to worry about bumping heads, 66 vice 65, another bonus...
I have a parts 67' if that helps ?
You got any running? I've owned a few mustangs in my time. :thumb:

My old man still has a mint '66.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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