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6 Point Roll Cage

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As of this May, I'll be moving to Idaho Falls. I own a '77 CJ-5 and I'd like to put a 6 point roll cage in it. Any suggestions on where I might have this done or who might help me do it myself (4x4 clubs, etc.)?

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I know a guy in I.F. that just bought a tubing bender. He goes by BlazinZuk on this board. I bet he could hook you up with a sweet cage.

Some of these other guys know somebody in I.F. that also does real good also.

Where are you moving from?

(I'll be moving from Madison, Wisconsin.) As for the cage, I've got the "mouse trap" roll bar that bolts to the body. Naturally, I'd like a little something extra up around the windshield. I can order the kit, but I'd have no way of doing the welding or installing it.

Will it be necessary to tie into the frame? I've got the original steel body and there is some rust/bondo (Damn Wisconsin and their road salt!). Currently, I use the Jeep as my primary vehicle and as such, I'd like a little more crash protection for high-speed usage (highway usage) as opposed to off-road... though that's good too!

I was also thinking... I'd also like to tie the existing roll bar into the new forward roll bar at the base. That would mean putting spreader bars in the space between each rocker panel and seat. Also, would it be unheard of to put some left-to-right spreader bars at the base of the cage to aid in the event of a side impact collision? They would span the interior from the driver's side to the passenger side. The forward one could be positioned just in front of the seats, and the rear bar... well, I don't know exactly where I'd put that at the moment. Essentially, I'd like the two seats to be "surrounded" by a cube of steel tubing.

All comments are appreciated -- even if you think I'm crazy! Thanks
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Steve Eagen runs CBI OffRoad fabrications in Idaho Falls. He can make your cage no problem. He built mine bumpers and sliders and soon will be doing my exo cage. He has been building stuff for years and is very good at what he does... I can give you his number when you get over here. If you want to see his work go here. These are pics of my sliders and bumpers.
Steve can help you he is very good at what he does probably would take me a little bit longer to do it but I can also help you In a custom built rollcage you can do anything you want triangles are stronger than squares and tieing into the frame is a good idea but there are several ways you can do that After Moab this year a rollcage moved to number one on my list me and a freind (in his rig) rolled 3.5 times down Potato salad hill Hope your move goes okay let me know if you need any help :rotfl: :rotfl:
Who's rig and I want PIcs.....
It was my buddys his name is Andy Moore he moved to Boise a little bit ago Anyway it is a 1/4 elliptic rear coil spring front wheelbase almost 95" stock zuk is79" it is highly modified I have a video of it I was riding shotgun when it happened we were on the far left of the hill and had one tire over the top we rolled all the way to the bottom. Whens your next meeting mabey I could come and bring the vid and hangout with you guys. :rotfl:
Next Tuesday...
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