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52" springs on the front

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I am about 75% done with this mod. Anybody want some pics and notes?

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You bet! I am going to do mine when I get back from Moab. I have all the parts except the drive shaft. I plan on using a set if 4" BDS rear springs on mine.
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I'll take some pics tonight before I finish up. I hope to end up with around a 4" to 5" lift when its over. I know they at least droop as far as the 6" tuff country spring I had on it.

I'm not sure if I'll have to do driveline work. I have a 12" spline version but its getting out there now. I have moved the axle forward 3.5" since it was made.

The biggest pain is removing the spring hangers. I used a torch. I also had to drill out the Off Road Design shackle hangers as I used the factory rear bolts. Very Beefy now.

The bushing situatuin I'm not sure about yet. The springs are 2.5" wide so I thought I would cut the ends off of the old spring bushings to use as a spacer. The metal center from the rear springs pokes out enough that even one spacer would not work with the factory bolts. I plan on just putting it together and seeing how it sits. I might grind down the metal tube in the bushing some and get some longer bolts. We'll see.

AJ Johnson said:
:gay: :finger: :thumb: write-up! write-up! write-up! write-up! :thumb: :finger: :gay:
Write ups are a pain in the ass. :deal:

You didn't have to make the rear shackle longer???
The ORD shackle is already longer and thicker than the stocker so I think it will be fine.

I'll get the truck weight back on it to see what angle I get on it tonight.

I have never heard about The ORD shackle is already longer and thicker than the stocker so I think it will be fine.
hope you're not on dial up! :finger:

Right now the concern is if the drop pitman arm will hit the spring plate on a full flex. If it does I can either move the axle back an inch to clear it or put in some bumpstops. I'll have to take it out to flex it.

Havnt put in the "L" bracket yet. I'll have to cut it down to fit and do some welding for good measure.

Just the axle weight on both sides. Droops down easily as much as the 6" springs.

Tires on, sitting on the ground. Rear Shackle is somewhat better than it used to be. I thought it would be more. Perhaps it will settle. I'll need to reposition the shock tower some.

The front of the rig dropped about 1.5" overall from the 6" lift. Right about what I wanted. With the 1" Body lift and the axle forward 3.5", 40" tires should fit no problem. Now the concern is the tires hitting up front with the narrowed fenders. We'll see.

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how did yor pinion angle stay after it was back on the floor?? from this picture it looks pretty bad..
I'll have to look at it and see. That is completely suspended and I dont think the other side was bolted it all the way. I have to get some longer bolts for the rear to run the bushings the right way. I also had a bolt that wast too small in the driverside rear shackle for the pic. I aim to have it all together tonight.

great mall-crawler-poser pics!
When we gonna see some real trail ridin action shots?????
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(course, listen to me talk!)
BOWTIE said:
how did yor pinion angle stay after it was back on the floor?? from this picture it looks pretty bad..
I was thinking the same thing..
Its mostly together now and the pinion angle looks good to me. Its not great completely dropped but that is to be expected. I plan on having it out in the driveway with the big tires on this weekend. I'll take more pics then.

Hey sandman, I'm new to the board, but I already have to admire the 52's. I have a K20 that I am building. It has a D60 up front now and currently I have Superlift 6inchers up there, but they are not what I want.

Did you use stock half ton rear springs? Are they mounted similar to stock (front end forward or reversed?) How did that pinion angle come out???

I already have the rivets torched out and the bolts for moving the brackets. I am ordering the ORD shackles tonight and picking up the ford shock towers in about an hour, I just need to know what springs and shims to order from the spring shop.

I don't understand why everyone and their brother hasn't done this mod, it seems an easy and cheap way to get great flex.
Welcome to the board. :thumb:

The springs are the stock rear Blazer springs. the stock rear 1/2 truck spring are 56" long and are too long. So get the ones for the Blazer.

I just left the overload on and stuck them strait in. I have some good wheeling trips on them with no troubles. Its a great mod.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

thanks for the heads up on the 56/52 inch. I have been measuring off my truck springs and coming up with all sorts of wierd numbers that made me think it wouldn't work. That and if I'm not mistaken the rear of our frames differs a little bit, no?

I am off to price springs, maybe I should go custom, based off the stock blazer, but with a couple more thin leaves instead of the overload? We'll see what the shop says.

Oh yeah, just double checking, are you using any shims for pinion angle?
the guy at the shop looked hot and bothered when I cam in on a friday afternoon wanting to do "custom" stuff when they "don't do custom applications". He quoted me 85- for a six leaf pack (overload???) for the rear of a blazer. Thats about all the info I got. It was like talking to the kid at the parts counter who knows how to change a shift knob and some pedals.

How many leaves are you guys running? What year did the springs come off of?

Anyone have any stockers lying around in the northwest???
I'm not running any shims at all. I just threw them in. Pinion ange seems fine.

I just got a set off of an 80's Blazer at the yard for $35. I measure almost 24" of travel at the wheel!

I'd save your money and hit the junkyard. Mine has 4 leaves and the overload. I left the overload on the help control axle wrap. I very quickly killed a set of rear springs when I pulled the overloads back there.

Thanks a ton sandman. I will hit the pull it yards tomorrow and post pics and results by early next week
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