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4x4 wont engage

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my 95 tahoe will not engage into 4x4. when i shift the floor lever into 4Low or High nothing happens. there was/is no noise when this happens. it seems as though the problems is related to the actual shift mechanism and not to the transfer case. has anyone out there encountered such a problem, or have any suggestions.
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Check all your vacuam lines to your front axle there should be a vaccum disconnect on it that could be broken :rotfl:
Does it slide real smooth, as if it isnt hooked up to anything?

i would say that it slides as smooth now as it did when the 4x4 worked. It has always been a little stiff.
I cant remember when the 4x4 engage changed from the heated to the vacuum deal. I bet its that. I'll look under my '92 and find the plug again. Mines still the heated version. They can burn out and the vacumm engage can also die. Sounds like thats what you have.

Check the actuator on the front axle; it is an elec. part with two wires running into it. It engages your hubs when you shift into 4x4. Also check a plug on top of your transfercase.
I had a new transmission put in and the guys bent the plug on top of the transfercase that also gave me a problem with the 4x4 engaging.

good luck.

actuator or fuse / relay i would bet

the actuator is similar to a solenoid, is that right ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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