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4x4 Show in Pocatello - June 4th

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There is going to be a 4x4 show at the Pocatello National Guard Armory on June 4th (This Saturday). There are like 20 classes so there should be something for everybody. All the proceeds are going to a welcome home party for the Guard who is currently over in Iraq. I was going to skip it untill I found this out. Now I'm going to put my junk in it to show support for the troops.

Registration starts at 10am and goes untill noon. Judging and awards sometime after that. Cost is currently $25 to enter a rig.

For more information call Mike at 232-8665

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that sounds like a great idea! :thumb:
I think i'll plan on attending at least..
any idea what it will cost to get in? 8)
I have no idea. It doesnt say anything on the flyer.

Maybe its free. :mrgreen:

I doubt it....these things never are... :roll: :roll:
Still, I think it would be fun to bring the BOSS and kid and camera for a day... :beer: :beer:
where is the armery?
right above the handery.... :finger: :finger:
The Armory is East of the Freeway when you go through Town. You take the Pocatello Creek exit (the one with all the hotels), and turn left and go under the freeway. At the second light turn left (Its a big four way intersection and its a four way that goes up a hill. Go all the way to the next light and turn left. This dumps you into the fairgrounds. Follow the road, it will go right, left and then turn right again around a tank sitting in the grass. Teh armory will be on the right.

See you there! :thumb:

AJ Johnson said:
right above the handery.... :finger: :finger:
haha i dont care who ya are thats funny :finger:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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