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I have a question on the balancing on the 302 sb. The situation is, I have a 77 302 in my boat that got water in and froze up from rust in the bores 8 years ago. I bought a 302 out of a 85 lincoln to replace it with, but the balancing on the flywheel and balancer are different because ford changed it in '82-'85. So, I would have to buy a manual flywheel for the new motor to work with the boat, plus none of the old pulleys bolt on the new motor.
Is the balance change only in the the balancer and flywheel, or is it in the crank?
If it is in the crank, can I use the crankshaft out of the old motor to fix the issues in the new motor?
If its just the balancer and flywheel, can i just put the other flywheel and balancer on the new motor?
Thanks in advance
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