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I built my own for the Caddy 500... lets see... collect the pieces to get 2.25" pipes in to 3" exiting the drivers side... hmmmm

now... lets build a collector to get the 2.25" pipes into the 3" pipe... I will use two 2.25" dumps... cut them at an angle evenly spaced....and weld them up...

now... meausure how far they go into the 3" pipe once you squash it down.. cut it with .5" inside the 3" and then seam weld the entire thing up.. inside and out...

Now clamp it together and weld the 3" pipe to the 2.25" Y collector... and BANG!!!

Now I had this setup piece by piece on RB and it fits GREAT... but I did not weld it completely up yet....

NOT BAD!!!! under $50 of prebent tubing and I have some to take back and get a refund!!! :D They wanted $250 to build this thing and NOT to the way I wanted it.... that would have been $100 more....

Not the BEST for for the money... it will do JUST FINE.... :beer:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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