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Yep, sanity is in question for quite a few folks this evening. Pretty good turnout. Must have been a dozen or so rigs ranging from basically stock to pretty extensively modified. If you want to see some of the details and pictures check it out at

Courses consited of styrofoam boards carved out into hills and obstacles. Rocks and such were glued on and some greenery put in place. Entirely too much time was spent on the creation of the courses. Thanks to those.

Good food and beverages were on hand and alot of good company. In the end my son Jimmy took first place with the fastest times and least accrued points in the stock division. Payout was $20.00 for his scorecard. I managed 2nd in the stock division.

Modifications to Jimmy's rig were removing the shocks entirely, Sliding the tires outward to correct the tire clearance issues. A twist tie limiting strap was utilized up front to control the front end. The last obstacle was the wall of death. Most vehicles rolled long before the reached the summit. The stock class was setup for a high mark. We decided the yellow mini crawler had more weight in the rear so we quickly removed the batteries and reinserted backwards. Jammed some wires in where necessary to make contact, threw the limiting strap on the rear and backed the crawler up the hill for high mark in the stock division.


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