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1995 Honda Civic DX 4 door, 5spd, Yakima rack, AC, tinted windows with 203,000 miles

Have owned this car since 97 with 11,000 miles it has had its oil changed every 3,000 miles along with regular maintainance. It is in good mechcanical shape. The only thing wrong with it is it is dented on the outside rear passanger side door. The bumper also has a little damage and the passanger side blinker it broken. The AC needs to be charged too. The car drives great and runs well and does not leak fluids, or smoke. The paint overall is in good shape for its age. The interior is in excellent shape. It is wired for a big amp with I believe 2 ga wire.

I am selling it because I bought a Toyota Camary. I will try to post pictures tommorrow if it does not rain.

Asking $2,650

Call 1-208-234-1535 ask for Bart

New parts parts:

Winshield replaced August 07
Altenator is 1 year old.
Distributor is 2 years old.
Fuel pump put in 11-11-07.
Clutch put in last year at 196,000 miles.
Key ingition is 3 months old.
Brand new 100,000 mile tires in Feb 06 at 198,000 miles.
Timing belt and water pump 2 yrs ago at 163,000 miles.
Plug wires last year.
Spark plugs at 200,000 miles.
Starter about three years ago.
CV axles where done at 150,000 miles.
Gearbox changed at 185,000 miles.


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