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86 Chevy pickup for sale, 350 SM465, 205. Has a one ton suspension with light duty 3/4 ton axles in it(4x4).

Problems are as follows, it smokes like a beasty when you start it but after it gets going the smoke goes away, I assume bad valve guides. The drivers side door window does not roll up or down, the window regulator is broken. I have one if you want to take it out of one of my spare doors. No tailgate. The AC doesn't work.

The good. It runs pretty darn good, I have not done a thing to it since I got it, other than change the oil. Made two trips to SLC without a single problem. The tires on it are in great shape. Probably 80% or more tread. The body has surface rust, I have found no real cancer in the truck.

$1200 OBO

I will post pics tommorow
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