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Selling my 1981 Yamaha XJ750 Seca.

History of the bike: This bike was damaged in a truck wreck on delivery to the dealer here in Pocatello back in '81. The front end was smashed and it sat in a back room for 10 to 15 years untill a guy that knew the owner bought it off of him. He got the parts and put it together and rode it for about 5 years. Then he parked it in a backyard under a tarp. When I bought it, it had been knocked over and the seat was trashed. I took it and had the seat redone, rebuilt the carbs bought a new instrument cluster off of ebay (old one was broken) for it and got the windsheild for it. The old instrument cluster said 12,000 miles and I've put another 6 to 8K on it. I pulled the cam tensioner off and it hasnt even moved. The drivetrain is in great shape. Bike hauls butt and runs good. Has gotten a steady 45 MPG rodding it or running it easy. Its also spray paint blue.

It could use a change of oil and one of the rear view mirrors has been broken. Tires are good. I'm on the second one and it has at least another year left on the rear. Horn does not work and there are no rear signals. It also needs a bulb for the fog light.

Selling it because I used to ride it to work but now I cant with the new job. Hate to see it sit and rot.

Asking $900

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