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hey guys, i'd like your input here..
I can get me a 1/2 ton longbed chevy 4X4 pickup that has a 2" lift on it, standard tranny that's either a 4 or 5 speed, don't know yet.. knob says 5, but underneath, it looks a little small to be a 5..NP205 T-case, and a 350 in it that has been rebuilt recently, chrome shit everywhere, aftermarket intake, headers... pretty nice lookin setup.. Heavy winch bumper on it, homemade, but looks good. body is good, no big dents or rust, a few little dings, but ya gotta be close to see em.. the guy wants $500 for it, and all it needs is the distributor put in right.. he can't get it in, lol.. I wanna buy it to make some money to fix my Heep.. my question is this: should I sell it whole, after I get it running, or should I part it out?
If I sell it whole, how much ya think I should ask? If I part it out, what ya think I can get for all the goodies in it?
Thanks guys

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Find out if its a 5 speed, mugo value. :deal:

For $500 its well worth it. I bet you would do better selling it whole.

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