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12-3/4 vs 1 ton frames & suspension

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Hey guys,

New to this forum, but not to off-roading. Wanted to say hi and had a question.
My numerous searches didn't find what I needed so....

I have the opportunity to get an '85 military CUCV pick-up truck, which as I'm sure you know has the great D60 / 14 Bolt combo and the heavy duty 1 ton frame. My question is, will the front lift springs from a 1/2 - 3/4 ton Chevy work on the one ton frame, or are the springs / mounts different?
I would be using a shackle flip for the rear, so I would only need the front springs. The 6.2 L diesel doesn't weigh much more than a typical BBC motor, and I don't really want stiff one ton springs up front either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the board! :thumb:

The nice thing about Chevy trucks is everything swaps out. The front springs are all interchangable. You should have no problems. :mrgreen:

That military truck would be a good score.

Thanks a ton, Sandman!

This would be my first Chevy, so I thought I should go with the best one ever produced to start with!! Well, except for the 6.2L, but it will work for now.

Great looking rig, and looks like it works great BTW :thumb:

Just for clarification:
So the 1 ton springs just have more leaves in the pack for stiffer rates than a 1/2 ton then, correct, or are they stiffer rate springs?

To be honest, I'm not sure about that. When you buy aftermarket, They do not specify a difference, you can just buy a heavy duty spring if you want.

I know stock can be just the amount of leaves.

Thanks Sandman,

I want to get rid of the stiff springs, so it rides and flexes better.
I'll take out a couple leaves in the rear to loosen it up some, which I think will help.

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