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1 ton Axles..(UPDATE)

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OK guys, here goes, I think Y'all are gonna start seriously hating me here.. sawwy!!! (cough) :finger: :finger:
I just found an older Dodge D300 4X4 with a flatbed, typical old farm truck body beat all to helll sitting in a field not too far from my house, I haven't really gotten to look it over good yet, but I'd bet $$$ that it has a D60 front, and the guy told me that the motor is blown, and I could just haul it off if I wanted.. It is a dually, so what do I need to do to make the front axle work in my J3000?
any other parts to keep from it?
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Your going to have to move your spring underneath the frame rail instead of outboard like they are now. Then you can run hummer wheels or your are going to have two swap out the front hubs for SWR types or have them machined to the single wheel type. This is what I can think of off the top of my head.
so... should I make the J3000 rear a dually?
:firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi:
Make sure it has an open knuckle front axle. :deal:

14 bolts are cheap to get from the yards.

If its a good front, it costs around $270 to convert it to a single wheel.

Hope its what you want. :thumb:

dude don't you have a 14 bolt laying around your house?
I did... got rid of it tho.. I can get 2 more for REAL cheap if need be.. like $25 each or maybe less.. the guy that has them owes me big time, so may even get them for free.. But... they are a dime a dozen, and I have a FF D60 in the rear of the Jeep now, so i'm not in any hurry to swap anything in the rear... but.. Dually would be kinda cool.. wonder how it would do offroad?
A 14 bolt is far superior to the dana 60 IMO. The only thing you lose is ground clearence which can be regianed by shaving the diff
why is it? is the axle shaft larger in diameter or something?
a 14 bolts axle shaft is 1.5in while the dana 60 is 1.3 and the 14 bolts ring gear is 10.5 to the dana 60's 9.75
You can also get a Detroit real cheap and put it in yourself. I got mine for about $300 and put it in about 30 min or so.

You see people building aftermarket shafts for Dana 60's but never for the 14 bolt.

u ever answer your PM's????? dammit!!
lol... I need to get ehold of Eric!! I need his #!!as
It also has three bearings on the pinion and it is also easier to set up the diff because of the side adjusting nuts.
hmmm.... maybe I'll go back and get one for my J3000 then.. sounds like its a better deal all the way around... specially with the cheap locker
OK guys, here is an update... I went back and talked to the old guy again and crawled around the truck.. apparent'y the motor isn't blown, the alternator or something electrical is all FUBARed, but it is a good 318 motor. It has a manual transmission, part time transfer case, not sure which.. D70 front Axle (someone tell me more about those) D70 rear Axle too, I think, didn't look at that.. it has a flatbed with steel stake sides welded on.. and a DUMP bed! dual hydraulic cylinders.. also, the guy talked to his son and his son told him not to just give it away cause it can be fixed pretty easy.. so he told me $300...... what do ya think? should I buy it?? :deal: :deal: :twisted: :twisted:

P.S... If I get me a Dodge D44 front from the wrecking yard off a 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup, will it bolt in? no mods? I kinda want to hold off on the axle swap on the J3000 for a bit, but I want to have the axle.. What would you guys sell something like this for once it's running?
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found this...

Some Internationals and Dodges had D70 closed knuckle front axles with an eight-log pattern, these axles have 1.50" diameter shafts, and 23 splines
- M-Series Jeep trucks (M715) had the D70 rear with a 6 lug-pattern, and 13" bell shaped drums, 23 spline axles
- D70 rear axles can be found in a varity of different vechiles, truck, vans and even motorhomes

so, this is bout the same as a GM14 bolt, but in the front?
Some may Internationals and Dodges had D70 closed knuckle front axles with an eight-log pattern these axles have 1point 50 diameter shafts and 23 splines
- M-Series Jeep trucks M715 had the D70 rear with a 6 lug-pattern and 13 bell shaped drums 23 spline axles
- D70 rear axles can be found in a varity of different vechiles truck vans and even motorhomes

so this is bout the same as a GM14 bolt but in the front, but not all.
shup wench, I wasn't talkin to you... go cook me some dinner!
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Yep, The Dana 70 is very comparable to the 14 bolt. I have seen them in stock Chev's but in Dually applications here and there. There are several different types of rear 70's so you have to be careful what you get. There are some Pro's and Con's to the 70.


- Most likely will have to move the spring perches to get it to work.
- Parts are harder to get but you most liely wont break it anyway.
- Lockers are much more expensive than the 14 Bolt.


- You can get way low gears. The 14 Bolt stops at 5:13.
- You can get a wide variety of lockers. The 14 bolt is either the garbage factory locker or a Detroit.

So you thinking of getting one?

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yuppers, see the previous page posts on this thread to see what I got...
There is a carrier that came in some of the 70's that I read about, it is a 2 piece carrier, and detroits for those are only about $350, the rest are twice that.. Now I just gotta go get the rig...swap some other axles in it, fix it and sell it. I figger with the dump bed, some new fenders to replace the trashed ones, and fix the electrical problem it has, I'll try and sell it for $2500-$3000 and use the huge profit on the CJ and getting lockers on the D70's :deal:
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