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1/4 elliptical

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Anyone know where some good articles are on 1/4 ellip setups? I'm seriously considering doing a 1/4 ellip front and rear on my CJ, it seems like it has the advantages of 4 link with coilovers, but without the large cost of coilovers... any help will be appreciated...
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Does this mean you want to go 1/2 elliptical since you made two posts about this? :finger:
:finger: :finger: :finger:
you so funny....asshole... :deal: :finger:
lol... no, that ain't it! dammit! :razz:
I've got RockChargers pics of his rear suspension. As soon as I get them resized, I'll post them up. He has a cool looking 3 link with 1/4 springs.

Hey AJ I have done 2 1/4 elliptic setups both of them have been rears though. Once you get you're links setup do anything you want The one thing I can tell you though is that without custom springs you will go through springs and it will not ride well on the street without custom springs kind of like being in a canoe on the road but they flex like no other I think I would find a set of coils for the front though just easier to mount basically :rotfl: :rotfl:
If I bought custom springs, basically I can get a pair for the same price as 1 coilover, and they are about the same as a set of custom coils too... so why not do 1/4 both ends?
and I'm figgering on about $1000 total for my suspension setup.... I think I can do what I want for that much...
This guy has an awesome setup... I think I wanna do something similar to what he has..
That does look cool. :deal:

I dig... 8)
now I just need to score a set of F250 or F350 rear leafs....
AJ Johnson said:
now I just need to score a set of F250 or F350 rear leafs....
got mine at the wrecking yard for $15 :mrgreen:
wish my wrecking yard would sell them to me that cheap... they want $45 each.... :angryfir: :banghead:
There is a mom and pop junkyard in pingree about 15 miles west of blackfoot that sells what they got for cheap. 3 months ago I bought a sm465 there for 125 bucks!! It is in my truck now and works perfect. Its called Budget truck and auto. Might be a little out of your way but worth a shot.
I didnt know about them. Thanks for the info. :thumb:

si, muchas grassy-ass! :rotfl: :finger:
Ive heard that 91-97(or something like that) Suburban rear springs are really long and flexy... :thumb:
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