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Trail Tools and Supplies

Things to take on the Trail
photo by Eric Westover aka Blazinzuk

When heading out to do some off roading, itís always a good idea to have a few things loaded up incase the trip doesnít go so well. What you take with you depends on your rig, driving habits, and where you are going, and what type of wheeling you do. If your rig is a trailer queen, you can get away with leaving spare parts on the tow rig and getting what you need. If you have a stocker and are doing some trail riding, your list will be different. Here are a few things for the average wheeler that can make a difference between an all night ordeal and a simple fix.

Food and Water:

Iíve seen people forget about this. Your two or three hour trail run turns into a 5 hour run or more and you get home just starving and in a bad mood. Even if you just pick up a sandwich at the gas station on the way out, bring some munchies. It can keep your mood up to have some food in your belly.

A Spare Tire and the tools to change it:

Unless you are running a Bead locked, 40Ē tire or something like that, bring a spare. Even a bald one. Bring a jack that will lift the rig and a tire iron also. Or something to get the lug nuts off. I bring a breaker bar with the right size socket on it as its easier to store then a three or four way tire iron.

Some basic tools:

You know those cheapo sets that Wal-Mart sells? I have one in each vehicle. They have basic tools, some tape, some zip ties and a few other things depending on which one you buy. Get something like that together and have some basic tools handy.


In the old days, it was a CB radio. Now days, itís a cell phone. Either one will work although a cell phone is easier if you are in an area that gets a signal. Iíve also seen shortwave sets in vehicles that work real good. Just bring something.

Some other stuff:

Itís a good idea to bring a tow strap or chain of some kind. You never know when you might have to help a fellow wheeler out or vice versa. Same with a set of jumper cables. A shovel can also bee a real handy tool in the middle of nowhere and you are stuck. Ask me how I know.

The most important thing to bring is some common cents. Think about where you are going and what you would most like to have if you become stranded. It might be the best idea to bring along a buddy in another rig. Oh, yeah, Bring a camera too!

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