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Re: Stop Here and Introduce Yourself!

Jeez, I just wrote a long post describing the conditions and it disappeared when I tried to submit it

I shouldn't say that my Jeep is setup just for Alaskan wheeling, but it is taylored more to it than let's say rock crawling. Alaska trails are usually muddy and fairly narrow, traction is often hard to find. I've got a few dents from sliding into trees.

The challenge on most trails is not so much making it to "trail's end" but making it there without breaking parts, so people are normally more concervative with the skinny pedal. You break something 75 miles from no where and it starts to suck. Most trips people are packing just about their garage into the back of the rig, 10-15 gals of gas, food for several days, camping gear, guns (bear protection), cold weather gear in the winter, etc.

There's alot of water crossings, some deep/swift enough to carry vehicles downstream... We had a guy loose his Jeep a few years back when the water took it. Here's an F-250 on 38s from a trip I did in Fairbanks:

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