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DIY4x - Shackle Flip Kit

Article by: AJ Johnson

Recently I contacted Kert at about what I needed to lift my 89 Blazer up a bit so I could clear my 38" Super Swamper TSL Radials.

As you can see in this pic, I could squeeze the 38's in with just a wee bit of cutting on the front fender, but as soon as I hit a bump in the road, or get n the gas at all, all four tires would be rubbing. This is what Kert sent me! 1/4" plate all around, what looks to be DOM tubing hold the greaseable poly bushings, all the bolts I need, and what I think is he most Trick and a great Idea... the Bars that your bolts go into that brace the whole thing. I believe that these will eliminate any chance of shearing bolts or cracking the frame right there from stress.

Here are a few close up pics that show the high quality of the welds, great penetration as evidenced by the bluing of the metal on the backside of the welds.

After I was finally able to quit playing with them long enough to take the pictures, I decided to go ahead and paint them with Black Hammerite paint.

While I was waiting for the paint to harden up, I needed to take a look at my old ones and figure out how to get them off. If you've ever looked under your truck or blazer, you know that the factory spring hangers are Riveted on with me BIG ass rivets! Here is a picture of what I was looking at. You can see where I first attempted a while back to go the cheapo way. It doesn't work very well, and it is a VERY unsafe setup, IMO.

At first, I used a 4 1/2" grinder and just ground the heads of the rivets off... That worked, but it was pretty time consuming.

Then, I ran into my first problem... That lower piece of stamped steel that's hanging down? I couldn't get my grinder blade in there to grind the rivet head off. Plus, it was so close to the gas tank, I didn't want to get too extreme with what I was doing. In the end, I ended up dropping the gas tank skid plate and the gas tank itself. Not only to keep the tank out of flame's way, but also to give me room n the inside of the frame to attach my new hardware.

Once I torched the bottom rivets out, I ran into my second problem...The aftermarket Hitch I had was in the way. Since I am planning on incorporating a hitch in my tube bumper, it wasn't a big deal for me to just cut it off. If I had wanted to keep the hitch, I would have had to cut a corner off of the new brackets, which wouldn't have been a big deal at all.

Once I took the Receiver off, the brackets went on perfectly. The holes lined up absolutely perfect, and it was a piece of cake..

Here are a couple more pics of the finished product.. I used 6" hangers instead of the stock 4" ones to get me a net lift of 5".

As you can see, the difference is incredible. 5" of lift leaves plenty of room to stuff my 38" tires inside. As soon as I put my 14 bolt under it, I'll be able to take some pics of the tires inside and we'll see how much trimming need to do. I also have a 2" body lift installed, so the body sits 7" higher than stock with these stock tires on it. Now this isn't the shackle angle that you want to run. The next step that I'm going to do is to swap in a set of longer springs and should get me where I need to be. What you want to do is to get to about a 20 degree shackle angle if you can (bottom of the shackle angled towards the rear of the vehicle)..

This Shackle Reversal Kit from is the best I've seen out there. I really like the versatility that the tubing with the poly bushings gives you. I can add up to more of lift using the 6" hangers, or I can leave it at 4" with some stock length hangers. The strength and quality of this kit is unparalleled. I am very well pleased with this kit and would heartily recommend it to anyone.

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