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Build a Rock Garden - Part I

Having your own Rock Garden can be a great way to iron out the bugs or test new mods to your rig. If you have the place and the means, this might be the hot ticket for good times close to the garage. Here we take the first steps to putting one together. This will be a multi part story that will come together depending on time and weather.

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After you are able to secure a place (Not always easy) the next step is to plan out what you are going to do. Depending on room, it can be as simple as stacking the rocks in a pile and moving them around now and then. In this case, since there was lots of room, a backhoe was rented and a few holes and dirt piles were dug out. Also rock was brought in. Do your research on getting rocks. Call the construction companies and the City. We've seen everything from "come and get them" to a very high price to buy them. In this case it was a mix of free and paying the truck to haul them in.
The idea here is to dig a series of holes and trenches with piles placed here and there and then spray the entire thing in cement. Some thought will be put into stair steps to catch different wheel bases and spots where rock can be added and taken away to change things up. This is needed so it doesn't turn into the same thing over and over.
There are some real benefits to having your own personal play area. The biggest is just the plain convenience. You don't even have to drive anywhere. If you do break down, you are close to the shop or garage or you could even call it a day and worry about it tomorrow. Another is recovery. How many places can you use your tow rig as a recovery rig?


Part two will involve doing some more digging to set things in better and getting ready for some cement to tie things up. We might even be able to come up with some more rocks. Winter is here for good now so watch for more building this spring!


Enough picture taking, Lets try out the Tahoe!

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