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Vendor Showcase: FootHill Off Road

Meet Ken Phillips, Owner and Operator of Foot Hill Motors Off Road in Boise, Idaho. Ken's officially been in business since January of 2001 doing only what some of us can dream of, living his lifestyle.

Ken got into the business after several years of building custom motorcycles. He was working for a company that he was trying to purchase and after finding out that it was going to be a bad deal, got everything together and started a 4x4 shop.

Today his business is going strong with 3 full time and 2 part time employee's with a full service Off Road shop. He ranges from daily drivers to wrenching on full tube chassis. There isn't much that Ken can't handle.

Ken has also been a member of Idaho 4x4 for 7 years and had a hand in starting the High Desert Off Roaders when there became a need for another club. His personal wheeling rig is a 1977 Jeep CJ-7 with more mods then I can list here. He also goes by Owyhee Rock Man here on Planet 4x4 so check out his user garage for the full story!

So if your ever in his area down on Fairview Ave in Boise, Idaho, stop by and check out what he has to offer. Every time I've been there I've been pretty impressed.

Foothill Motors & Offroad Performance
2539 Fairview Ave.
Boise,Idaho 83702

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