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One Trick Toyota Tacoma

Brant Luckow has been wheeling and modding his Toyota Tacoma since he drove it off the lot brand new in 98. While these trucks are capable rigs right out of the box, Brant was looking for that extra edge to set his truck apart from the crowd. So he pulled out the tools and got busy.

Under the hood received some serious attention. It started with a TRD Supercharger bumped up with a 9.5 pound boost pulley. He followed that with an APEXi Super AFC Air Flow Converter Monitor and a Split Second ESC1 Fuel Pressure Conditioner with Air Fuel Monitor. Topping that are 330 cc fuel injectors along with a 3.5 MAF and fuel pump from a Toyota Supra. Handling the exhaust duties are a set of Edelbrock headers into a Magnaflow 2.5 CAT leading into a Borla CAT-Back exhaust system.

Following the pumped up engine is the stock 5 speed transmission and transfer case leading to the stock rear axle that came with the factory E-Locker and regeared with 4.88s. Up front the factory IFS received the same 4.88s, a Lockrite Locker, and a manual hub conversion.

The front suspension was swapped out in favor of an Old Man Emu System giving about 4 of lift. In the rear, new 2.5 leaves also from Old Man Emu were stuck in along with a set of AOR lift shackles. A 2 body lift added to everything allows room for the 35 Goodyear MTRs wrapped around Weld Super Single IIs to flex and move with no problems.

The bumpers and sliders were all custom built by Steve at CBI Off-road in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Steve also built the trick spare tire carrier that still allows fill use of the bed but keeps the tire and highlift jack up and out of the way. A set of rock lights mounted out of the way also allow for easy navigation on those dark nights.

The interior also received some upgrades with a tricked out stereo system with a subwoofer box and CB radio so he can hear the calls for help on the trails. You can also see the display panel for the APEXi Air Flow Monitor mounted in the dash and the Split Second Air Fuel Monitor mounted on the steering column.

So does it work? Brant's Taco cruised the local rock pile and has no trouble dealing with tough trails like Pritchet Canyon in Moab or going up the Escalator on Hells Revenge. Its light weight also makes it a tough contender in the snow.

Brant says he still has a grocery list of things he wants to do and tweaks to make, but from what we can see, hes got this Tacoma dialed in pretty tight.

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