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Vendor Showcase: CBI Off Road

Steve Eagan is the owner and operator of CBI Offroad in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Check out what he is all about in our latest Vender Showcase.

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Seven years ago, Steve was running a portable Rock Crusher and saved up some money to get some accessories for his Jeep that he had at the time. He decided that instead of buying what he wanted, he would buy the tools instead and make what he wanted. CBI Offroad was born.

These days, CBI is in its third location and has two full time employee's. Catering in custom tube work, CBI is also a full service 4x4 shop. With customers all over the country, CBI has also been mentioned in a few different 4x4 related magazines. Steve is quick to give credit to those that helped him get launched such as Brant Luckow who helped him break into the vast Toyota Market. Steve's shop was also used in this years Ultimate Adventure to repair a rig that had gernaded a front axle.

Steve was also one of the three founding members of the Snake River Offroaders and still maintains his membership. You also might recognize Steve out on the trails driving his trick 1980 Toyota Truggy which was all built in house of course.

If you are looking for some custom tube work for any application or anything else for your rig in Eastern Idaho, You better call CBI!

CBI Off Road

Phone: (208)223-5650
Email: [email protected]


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