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Top Truck Challenge Idaho - 2005

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The Rock Crawl on Top Truck Challenge

The Top Truck Challenge Idaho event is put on every year by the Wild West Offroaders in Mountain Home, Idaho at the fairgrounds located there. It is set up with a series of different events aimed at removing any advantages that a purpose built rig has to offer. These events included an RTI Ramp, an approach and departure angle measurement, an obstacle course that used a motocross track and a section that was purpose built that included a log course and some other fun thrown in, acceleration test on muddy dirt and another on pavement, a dead weight pull, A mud Race, and finally, a rock course. The top 5 spots were weighted heavier in points and even coming in last still gave you points for completing the event.

There was a good turnout for this years event that also included representation from the Blue Ribbon Coalition. There were I think about 20 rigs that signed up to strut their stuff coming from the far side of Boise to Pocatello.


RTI Ramp and Approach/Departure

The WWOR setup a 20 degree ramp and we all lined up and hit it. It was interesting to see what would flex and what would not. Longer wheelbases did well as they were able to take advantage of some of the frame flex also. After the Ramp, each vehicle had their approach and departure angle checked. This was done using a sheet of plywood and an angle finder.

Start and Stop Test. Dirt and Street

The start and stop test was too sets of cones set up 100 feet apart. Competitors lined up their rigs at the first set of cones and hammered it until they passed the second set of cones. Then they stomped the brakes and stopped as fast as they could. The time went from the beginning of the acceleration to when the vehicle came to a complete stop. This was done twice. Once on a dirt track and once again on pavement. Not only was this a power to weight ratio test, but it was also a test of the tires and the brakes.

Obstacle Course

The obstacle course is made up in two sections. The first part was using most of an existing motocross track with some water thrown in for fun. It had tight turns, lots and lots of jumps and was pretty slick in some places. The second part involved a spiked log section and a good drop-off with some more tight turns. This was based strictly on time and the competitor willing to beat their rig did well. This course claimed two front axles and one spun rear axle, and one sore back.

Sled Pull

The sled pull was hooking up to a dead weight of 4500 pounds and pulling at fast as possible between two cones. It was either done on time or distance pulled. This event was easily ruled by the heavier vehicles. Some of the lighter ones were unable to move the sled more then a few feet.

Mud Race

The mud race was a muddy track 100 feet long. It had been soaked down and plowed up early in the day. This track was a pretty fast track and most rigs tore though it without too much trouble.

Rock Crawl

The rock course started out mostly level with a bit of a climb up out at the end of the course. It was a mix of small and larger rocks and was coursed withy with cones. If you went out of bounds, you were stopped and your passenger front hub was measured for distance. If you made the whole track, it was done on time. The larger tired rigs did better with the smaller rigs putting in a pretty impressive show.

The Award Ceremony

The WWOR really outdid themselves on this one. They rounded up a truckload of prizes to give away and handed out some really nice homemade trophies. They also provided lunch for the competitors that included a drink, grilled burgers and chips.


This event was a great time. The WWOR pulled it off smoothly and took notes on making it even better next time. It was worth all the effort to get there and its on the list for next year. If you missed this years, you better make it to next years.

A Special Thanks to TTC Idaho Sponsers!

I would like to post a huge thanks to the following businesses for donating some promotional items to the Top Truck grab bags for the first 30 drivers the day of the event.

Kriebs Hwy 30 Auto Parts: Can Coolers and Pens
Jim's Drivetrain: Calendars and Stickers
G&S Kar Parts: Magnetic Calendars
Carlos's Mexican Restaurant: 10% off coupons
TERRY'S TRUCK AND RV: Use of the trailer

Also, thanks to Jim's drivetrain for donating 8 Spicer ujoints!! Make sure ya get in the raffle and buy up some tickets!!! (you do have to be present to win anything but the Grand Prize).


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