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Re: Army surplus tires

Tools needed: valve core tool,2 pry bars (file smooth all edges, 1 large, 1 medium) gloves, proper amount ob BB's (more on that later) and helpers to give encouragement (laugh at you and not help with the pics) and a deadblow hammer (to threaten said "helpers with") sometimes tire places will use tire sealant to help keep the tire on the bead, use hammer to help with that part (99% of the time not needed).

Here we go.
Taking your tire, lay it flat on the ground and pull the valve core out (you can use either a core tool or one of those nifty valave caps like I do). once the tire is completely aired down, the fun work begins. Placing the smaller of the 2 pry bars between the rim lip and tire, wigggle it in so that it bottoms out at the bottom of the bead, then insert the larger prybar UNDER it, with the "J" pointing towards the ground.

Then work your way around the tire, until it looks like this.

If you are just going to put the BB's in for balancing, do so now. Otherwise continue on. Go to the post office if you do not have a scale and take you some ziplock baggies to put the BB's into.
27" - 30" - 6oz
31" - 35" - 8-10oz (dep on side wall ply, more than 6 ply use 10oz)
36" - 38" - 10-12oz (more than 6ply side wall use 12oz)
38.5" - 42" use 12oz
44" - 46" use 16 oz
49" use 20oz
Note: putting slightly too much in is not a bad thing, the BB's will evenly spread out and continue to balance the tire.

Continuing on. Do the same steps for the other side, so both beads are "broken" free. Push one end of the tire bead down into the "well" so this next step is wayyyy easier. Place the larger round pry bar between the tire and the rim and then pry the tire bead up and over the rim, then place the smaller pry bar in the rim and use it as a fulcrum point to pivot the other large round bar against to get the tire bead up and over the rim.

Once you work the bead all of the way off, use both pry bars to get the remaining bead off by flipping the tire/rim over so the rim can be "lifted" up away from the tire,

place the pry bars between the rim and tirestart to pry the tire out. When you get slightly less than halfway done, you can grab the rim and pull it free while standing on the tire (sorry no pics).
Instalation is easier than removal, just reverse the order.

Work your way around the tireprying the beads back on. Once you have all of the beads back on, don't forget to put in the BB's.

I have found that a blower nozzle (the kind with a rubber tip) work the best to reseat the beads. If you have a 12v "OBA" (cough cough) compressor, use a ratchet strap to help seat the beads by wrappin the strap around the circumfrence of the tire and ratcheting it good and tight and then put air in it (with out the valve core in). once the beads are seated, put in the valve core and air it up. Repeat as necesarry.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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