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Rexburg Rock Trail

With winter knocking on the door, we get one last good rock run in before some of us tear down for the season.

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The Rexburg Rock trail is located about 10 miles west of Rexburg, Idaho. It has been the host of many formal and informal runs including this years Idaho State 4x4 Association run. This is an area that you can make as hard as you want with many optional play areas around.
It was below freezing when we unloaded and aired down. With the sun shinning full on us, it warmed up into the 50's later in the day and turned out to be a great day for wheeling. We started by rolling through the easier end of the trail to get warmed up. Then we hit the harder side.
There are several good spots on the harder side including a squeeze between two large rocks. This isn't too bad for the smaller rigs but can be a real challenge for the full-size rigs. Breakage was kept to a minimum until the end of the day. Total Carnage ended up being two sets of broken steering arm bolts, one cracked transmission, and one destroyed transmission mount. All in all, a great day!

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