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Off Road Expo 2007 in Salt Lake City

Off Road Expo 2007 in Salt Lake City

Pics by Brant Luckow

The Off Road Expo was back for its second year in Salt Lake City. Bigger and badder then last year, it had something for everybody.

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The Off Road Expo is a three day event that features the latest gear and accessories for the 4x4 world. This year it was held on April 20 through the 22 at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah which is just south of Salt Lake city. This year not only features booths showing the latest stuff, but it also the climbing wall from last year was back along with a Freestyle Motocross Stunt Show. Also, KYMCO was showing off their latest line of ATV's that the public could ride around in a 10,000 square foot demo area. New this year was the Motocross America Tour display showcases all types of motorcycles from mopeds to road bikes.

Rock Buggies were everywhere. From manufacturer show rigs to real competition rigs, they were there to be checked out. Clay Egan, a local Rock Crawler competitor was on hand to sign autographs at the Dirt Sports booth.

There were some killer sand buggies there. Check out the paint job on this one! If you look close, you can see the heads painted on the side panels.
Lots of big names in the Off Road world were at the show. Tom Woods was there showing off his line of drivelines.

The Motocross America Tour had some real nice rides on display.
Not sure what this would do for you on the trail, but it looked cool.

This year had displays from dealers and manufacturers such as 4 wheel parts, Chevrolet, Interco Tire, Skyjacker, Tuff Country, Toyota and many more. This show is only going to grow in size over the years as the sport of offroading continues to grow. If you would like more information on the Off Road Expo visit for more details.

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