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Off Road Expo 2006

The Off-Road Expo historically held in Pomona, California is branching out with two other shows this year. One in Salt Lake and the other in Houston, Texas. Since the one in Salt Lake was only a few hours drive for us and held the promise of the latest and greatest combined with extreme motorcycle tricks, a climbing wall, and a mountain boarding demonstration, we had to check it out.

Held in the South Town Expo center, there was plenty of room for the event and plenty of parking. It was a three day event and we decided to hit it Sunday morning to avoid some of the crowds. We were looking for tricked out rigs and the latest products and that's what we got. The Extreme Motorcycle show was awesome and the Mountain Board demonstration was right with it. We also got to check out a toy-hauler 5th wheel that must have been over 40 feet long. Everything about the show was great except for my camera taking a dump on me. Most of the pics I took were trash but below is what I did get. After the show, we went to Joe's Crab Shack and filled up. All in all it was pretty good and we had a great time.

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