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Moab Mash '06

Rocker Knocker at Moab

Planet 4x4 takes another trip to Moab, Utah! This year went great. The weather was perfect and the trails were even better. If you didn't make it, you sure missed out. There is a reason why Moab is a Mecca to many.

We all more or less rolled into camp Thursday night. We had an informal get together to make sure that everybody knew what was going on and so forth. Lots of introductions were made and its always fun to put some faces to screen names. Seems that people always look different then what you think.

Day 1, Hells Revenge:

First day, we all ran Hells Revenge. Its a great trail to get your Moab Mojo going and its easy to get back into town incase there is carnage. We had 16 rigs total and we rolled out of camp at about 10 am as people were still a little beat from traveling the day before. This trail went pretty well with most of us eating lunch at Hells Gate. After lunch we played around at the hot tubs for a bit. The views were great and it was hard sometimes to concentrate on wheeling. We ended up towing out one rig that killed a tranny, more on that later, but everybody was back in camp by 6 pm.

Pics From Hells Revenge

Day 1, Get Together and Raffle:

It was decided to split into two groups for the next day. One group on the Rusty Nail and the other on Metal Masher. After the day on the trail, the ice was broken and we had a good time.  The raffle was quite a bit of fun with several people cleaning up. Scott Johnson won the engine stand that was donated by the Wild West Offroaders. This raffle could not have been possible without the supporting members. They are AJ Johnson, FootHill Offroad and the Wild West Offroaders. Thanks guys!

Day 2: Rusty Nail and Metal Masher:

One group headed up Metal Masher and had a great day. Mirror Gulch is always a fun squeeze and the Rock Chucker is a great obstacle to play on. Rusty Nail and Golden Spike went very well also. We cruised through the 'Nail and hit the Golden Spike Trail. Most of our rigs went right up the Double Whammy to the surprise of a group of Land Rovers. This day also went pretty smooth and the weather was great.

Pics from Rusty Nail               Pics from Metal Masher

Day 3: Pritchet Canyon:

Everybody wanted to run Pritchet Canyon so we broke up into two groups and headed out. The second group was about an hour and a half behind the first group. This also went great with two of the rigs making it up the Rock Pile. Since it was not EJS, we turned around at the Rock Pile and came down the trail backwards. If you do not do this, you have a long drive out of town. Both groups did very well and it was just starting to get cloudy. I heard it rained during the next few days or so.

Pics from Group One           Pics from Group Two

Camp Tranny Rebuild:

Now normally, when you fry an automatic transmission on Hells Revenge, most people would have thrown in the towel. Not Lehi from the Wild West Offroaders. He killed his tranny the first day but he was not out. The next day while most of us were on the 'Nail and Metal Masher, Lehi was getting another transmission out of the local bone yard. That night Chris, who knows his way around transmissions, pulled both units apart at camp and built one good working unit on the back of the car trailer. That night at midnight, the 'Burb was rolling again and was on Pritchet Canyon the next day. Only in Moab!

Pics from Rebuilding a tranny at camp

This was easily my best Moab trip yet. Way more happened then you'll read about here. If you want in on the action, start getting ready for next year!

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