Planet 4x4 - Moab 2005
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Moab, Utah - 2005
Planet 4x4 in Moab, Utah - this pic is from the Poisen Spider Trail

Warning! The pics in the below links were not resized. Dial up may take 30 years to load all the pics. They are thumbnail pic pages though so just beware....

Pics from Golden Spike
Pics from Hells Revenge
Pics from Kane Creek
Pics from Metal Masher

Well we thought it might be fun to get together this year and head to Moab over Labor Day weekend. We kept it pretty informal and laid back. We just set of some trails with times and let people pick if they wanted to run them. I expected Labor Day to be a little more crowded but I bet the $3 a gallon gas bill kept them away. Well they missed out!

The first day we all headed out the run the complete Golden Spike. This was not a great idea as it turned out. There were many Moab first timers and that is a long trail to get your feet wet on. And it was a long day but it was also a good time. I think we'll make it the second day event next year and maybe just come in on the Rusty Nail backwards and then out the best part of the trail. Anyway we all had a good time and it even rained a little and it eased the heat.

The second day was Hells Revenge. I wanted to try some of the Hot Tubs but I didnít get a chance. This was a relaxed day and we just messed around on the different obstacles. I kept hearing a squeak and it tuned out to be a shot axle joint and it ate out the out stub. I blew through the rest of the trail and hit camp so I could make repairs and be ready for the night run. Itís amazing what the parts store in Moab has on the shelf.

That night we decided to run Kan Creek. This was supposed to be an easy run and at first it was. Then it got fun. Before it was over, we had a bent shock (Really bent), flipped a rig on the side, and broke a spring pin that was fixed on the trail. This turned out to be a really good time even though we got back in late.

The last day we headed up to Metal Masher. There were only five or six rigs and it also was a good time. We messed around and took it easy like you should on these trips. No major breakage happened and we were back in town by 1 or 2 that afternoon. I spent the rest of the day shopping with the wife and kids.

Overall this was one of the best trips that I have had in Moab. Looks like we'll be back again. I'll try to get a raffle together and maybe something a little more formal.

See you there!

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