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Offroading in the Bruneau Canyon

For those who missed it, this was a helluva run. We had 6 rigs including myself and an atv, I think one rig and the atv avoided damage.
Club members who came with were
myself with my bronco/f-150 thing
darryl with his 85 yota
jeremy with his tj
Non-members were
josh with his 74 jeep (he is a friend from on base)
eric (rockpunk) with his blazer
chris(lumpdog) with his chevy longbed pickup
matt with his atv

90% of the trail was pretty easy, a nice run with some pretty good scenery. We ran the bruneau loop which is about 2-3 miles long (i'l get the exact info when I download my gps) has one waterfall drop and a couple small rockpiles to navigate. The other 10% was a bit rougher. at one portion of the loop you can turn left instead of right and drive down a river wash to where it enters the bruneau canyon. It is pretty scenic with some awesome rock formations and two waterfalls that can be walked down and a third that ma be possible to climb down. we didn't try this time. The entrance to this part of the wash caused the most troubles of the trip. It is a rock section about 20 feet long and were it isn't rocks it is loose sandy silt that is perfect for digging to china. The vehicles with the most problems were the open diffed vehicles as the rocks were spaced almost perfectly to leave the drive tires digging in the dirt. Everyone made it down except for chris in his pickup, it was a little too long and a little too low to make it down the first ledge without grinding. He chose to park it and ride along with one of us. The climb back up was where the real fun began. Eric was the first to make the attempt and with his rig it wasn't even a challenge. He had to readjust his line a couple times to make up for the lack of a front locker but he made short work of what would give the rest of us a very hard time. Next up was josh in his mildly lifter 74 jeep on 35's and with open diffs. he gave it a valiant effort and pushed his jeep to the limits, destroying his drivers rocker panel and muffler in the process. He was also having some problems with his carb flooding out and this resulted in several clouds of blue smoke, one of them right in my face. He finally elected to take the strap. Next up was darryl in his toyota. He was open in the rear but had an air locker in front and was making a very strong showing until he bent his steering linkage. He attempted to make a bypass but was unable to turn so he backed off and began efforts to repair the steering. Jeremy was up next but he was hampered by open diffs and not airing down enough so the best he was able to do after numerous attempts was get lined up for a strap. He made it but his transfer case linkage came loose. Meanwhile darryl had repaired his steering with the help of chris and his bottemless toolbox and was ready to go. Some time had been taken to repair some of the worst parts of the climb and this allowed him to get a better line and with the aid of his front locker he made the climb unassisted. I was hoping that my rear spool would allow the same victory. Sure enough it helped me get lined up and get most of the way up the climb but the lack of adequate gearing and clearance bit and I fell off he rock. I made the attempt a couple more times before taking the strap, unfortunately not soon enough. Attempts to get me over the obstacle were unsuccessful as for some reason I was unable to turn right. It was finally determined that one of the falls had bent my drag link into a U. We were all impressed. Here I have to thank the people I was out with. Without their help I would have been unable to get this repaired on the trail and would have been forced to leave the truck overnight. As it was we were able to get it straightened and braced well enough for the drive home.


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