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Offroading in Boise, Idaho

Pic page from the Boise Run

After reading about some of the rock trails that can be run over in Boise, Idaho, I decided that I had to try them out. I was invited to the High Desert Off Roaders next trail run so I loaded the Blazer on the trailer and hit the freeway. About 5 hours later, I pulled into Boise and met up with Mike (muddinmike) who let me crash at his house. We ate some pizza and hung around until we met up with one of his friends to go do some mudding. We did that to about 2am and had a blast. 7 am the next morning, Mike woke me up and we headed out to the meeting area south of Caldwell. We spent some time at the meet and greet and there was quite a good turn out of rigs. There was also another club there running the trail in front of us. The first trail to run was called Carnage Canyon. This has some play areas along it with one hard Rock Chute type of area. There was some good damage along the easier part of the trail. I saw a Toyota blow the rear and I think the front along with a lot of crushed rocker panels and one tire off of the bead. When we got to the worst, we had to wait as a jeep had taco’d a tie rod and they were fixing that. Over the next few hours, we took our turn and had a good time. The only major damage besides body crunches was a broken sector shaft.

At this point it was late in the day so most people headed home as they had kids to worry about. Me and a few others headed out to another trail called Meat Grinder. This trail was also a blast. It starts with a V wedge and a small waterfall that acts as a decent gatekeeper. Then there are more wedges and more rocks until there is a rock pile called extra credit. I passed this by as it was getting dark and I was burned out. We all headed out and I loaded up and went back to Mike’s place.

All in all it was a great run and I got to meet a lot of good people and check out some real nice rigs. I can’t wait to go back.

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