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Blazer Bash 2204 in Moab, Utah

I decided to skip EJS this year to go to Blazer Bash that was being hosted by I thought that the less traffic would be nice and I was right. Went through the usual Moab Month crunch time and I was on my way!

I froze my hind end off last year in a tent so this year, I loaded up the camper on the back and tailored my blazer behind. It was not a fast trip. The tow rig could really use some lower gears. Anyway after about 7 Ĺ hours, I pulled into Slick Rock Campground and setup camp. I met a group of people there from Arizona and decided to hook up with them the next day to run Pritchet Canyon. We were supposed to back in town and at a barbeque by 5 so I had my doubts. Pritchet can be rough. I was looking to running it though and seeing how all the modifications that I made last year would work out. We stayed up late and drank some beers and hit the sack.

The next morning we rolled out with about 5 vehicles and aired down at the trailhead where we also paid out $2 to go through the campground. All of the rigs were well setup and I donít remember any real breakage happening. The guys from Arizona were a blast to run with and I think that this was the best trail day Iíve ever had in Moab. What I did notice was that the obstacles were much harder this year. There were also bypasses where there used to not be bypasses. We took our time and messed around and eventually we got to the Rocker Knocker. It was covered in wet slimy dirt and we where not too sure about it. Turns out that it wasnít much problem and up we went. The next obstacle was completely different. This is the one right before the Rock Pile. It used to be an off camper thing that you had to turn left up before dropping off in the creek bed on the right. There was a dirt ledge at the bottom. The dirt ledge is completely gone now and you now drive through the creek bed and go strait up it. I decided to take a high strait shot and walked right up. We all made short work of it and then we came to the Rock Pile.

The Rock Pile was way different this year. This is a steep ledge with a bid pile of rocks at the bottom, hence the name. This year, the rocks had all been moved over to a bypass and there was a pool of water at the bottom. I had been defeated in years past and was really itching to give it a shot this year. I came in to it from the high side and was able to keep all the tires out of the water except for one. Got my front end up it and started hitting it. After about three or four good tries, I caught traction and pulled right up! I came around and drove back down the bypass and watched a few other guys give it a shot. Nobody else had the luck that I had and one vehicle ended up on its lid before we were done.

Instead of taking the long dusty drive out which dumps you 15 miles south of town and right near the entrance to Upper Helldorado, We turned around and came out the way we came in. We had plenty of time to take a shower and head to the Barbeque, where I won about 5 hats.

Pics from Pritchet Canyon

The next day was kind of unorganized and I ended up with a much larger group going on the same trail. There were two other runs that were put together that I would have rather gone on them but it didnít work out that way. This day on Pritchet took a much longer time due to more rigs showing up. The only real difference this time was that the rock pile defeated me and I lost four wheel drive in the process. I and another guy ended up running out backwards in the dark in two wheel drive. It actually wasnít that bad. We made it through everything but the very first drop off into the trail. We had to winch up that. I was able to get it all fixed that night so we stayed up late drinking beer and sitting around the fire.

The next day we went to Upper Helldorado. Now this trail is not easy, in fact, itís a pain in the rear. The entrance was entirely different also. You used to go strait in and take a right on the first obstacle. Now there was a big hole with water in it there and there was no way. There is a high road option so we all took that. The first obstacle is basically a chute where the wider rigs have to ride a tire on the left side to get through. We all worked it through and it wasnít too bad. The next real obstacle is a narrow, solid rock slot that had a new fresh hole on the left side. The trick is too turn right and not drop into the hole, not to get high centered, and to not crush the windshield. I did all three and had to pull a bit on the winch to get through. I really need to twin stick my transfer case. And get a new windshield. I was amazed at how much it bent in before it gave up!

The next obstacle is break over rock. This is basically a big rock with some other placed before it in some bad areas. I worked at it until I had my front end on the top but I was spun around in a bad way. I pulled it back in line with the winch and then was able to drive the rest of it. We all fought our way over it. I had to put my power steering belt back on and then we moved to the waterfall.

The water fall is basically the last thing on the main trail. There is no bypass and you have to run it. I donít even try to go up; I just get into position and winch up although one rig in our group did climb it! I ended up getting jammed up on my training wheels (rocker guards) and had some breakage bad enough that it was my last trail day there. So I went home the next day.

Pics from Upper Helldorado

Overall it was a blast. I met so many good people and had so many good times that it would take 50 pages to type it all out. I also have a ton of stuff to fix and some ideas to change things so it goes better next time. I canít wait until next year.

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